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Thanks to Mitch Kief(1973) and Jim Cochran, Kathy McConaghie, and Toni McConaghie(1971)
1971 Yearbook(Pdf)
1973 Year book(html)
1973 Yearbook(pdf)
And anyone else who wants to get their name up here, all you have to do is scan an entire yearbook(and I'll even host it on the site!)

The April 17-19
Wilmington, NC Reunion
More Wilmington photos.......
Matt Barrett's
Jill Best's

More Photos
Maria Vlahopoulos

Sophia Zafer

April 1999
DC Reunion

Rick Weldon uncovers long lost
AYC pictures...


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ABNER(LAZAR), STELLA(69-72) Aug 13
April 7
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MORPHY, JOANNA(70-73) May 28
SPHEERIS, JOHN(1969-70 and 1972-73)Jan 7

STANDIFER, DAVID (72-74) Mar 10 updated


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